Younique 3D Fiber Mascara Review

These days you can not pull up any kind of social media with out seeing something about this magical mascara so of course I had to give in and see what all the hype was about. Just to give you a little background my eyelashes are already crazy long and just by adding one coat of regular mascara my lashes scrape the lens of my glasses.

My mom has been wanting this of so long so I got it for her for her birthday and of course suckered her into letting me try it out. She tried it first and it looked gorgeous on her short, sparse lashes and was hoping I would get the same results.

So it came my time to try it out.

First things first you have to apply a layer of regular mascara so right there you have to spend 3+ dollars for a regular mascara to compliment this $30 magical tube. But I shall continue.

After applying my regular mascara I moved on to the transplanting gel. Things were going good. I then went to the fibers. It started off well until a ball of fibers got into my eye!! Oh my goodness did it burn!!! So I figured I would just blink like crazy until it worked its way out which took way long then necessary. But I continue. I did 2 layers of this miracle mascara.

As I look in the mirror the first thing I think of is tree branches on my eyelids!! And they were so heavy that it was a work out to blink!

So all in all if you enjoy long spidery lashes with the chance of fuzz in your eye and having to spend $30 to get it this is for you!! For those of you that want gorgeous full voluminous lashes I would recommend something else.

I totally spaced taking pictures but I will endure this again for blogs sake!!


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