My Makeup Story Tag

1. When did you first start getting into make up? High school. In high school my mom only let me wear mascara and sometimes eyeliner. 
2. What was the first make up you bought? Black mascara
3. What is the newest/oldest items in your collection? The newest item in my collection I got today and it is a Kat Von D Lipstick and the oldest is an eyeshadow eye liner combo
4. Who is your celebrity make up idol? Katy Perry
5. Who is your favorite YouTube guru? AlisonlovesJB, leighannsays, charismastar
6. What is a look/trend that you wish you could pull off? Full lips
7. Any make up disasters? I have really dry skin so sometimes my makeup looks flaky
8. What’s your favorite make up brand? Urban Decay, Covergirl
9. What is your favorite make up tip/trick that you wish you knew sooner? Blending and putting more then one color on the lid
10. Which 5 products could you not live without? Covergirl lashblast volume, Rimmel scandaleyes nude liner, MAC blush warm soul, physicians formula pearls of perfection bronzer, wet n wild eyeshadows


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