Weigh In Monday / Update

Well Monday is back and for me that means another Weight Watchers weigh in. I experienced the same nerves that I always do followed by a rush of disappointment. I gained .4 pounds. I know its not even a whole pound but still I am angry with myself. These past few days I have been so busy helping with the big tree in the back yard that i have not paid as much attention to what I am eating. I know weight gain at times is normal but for me it is not acceptable! I need to get back on track!

So this morning for breakfast I had cream of wheat that i flavored with a hot cocoa packet which was delicious. So that was five points. Then I had a banana with it and a bottle of water! I am really hoping to get back on track and have a big loss next Monday.

On the bright side the tree is completely down and now we are beginning to get quotes for our roof. Our first quote was saying it would be $10,000. I am not willing to pay that much for my roof to be replaced so hopefully the other people I have come out will be more reasonable then that!!


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