Weigh In Monday

Yet another day to step on that dreaded scale! I am nervous every single time even though I have never had a week where I gained. I guess I am just afraid of that week being the one. There was one day where I went over my daily points so of course that is the first thing to come to mind! So I step on the scale to see that I am down another 1.6 pounds. I think that is pretty good for one weeks time! So that is a total for me of 13.2 pounds after 42 days!! This is getting so exciting! I can not wait for everyone to start noticing the difference! They say it takes at least eight weeks for other people to notice. Next Monday would be the eight week mark. I have started to notice a change and I am loving it. I have a friend who joined Weight Watchers four days after I started and she just keeps gaining weight but she is not tracking her food. I do not understand why some one would pay for the program if they are not going to utilize it. But whatever its not coming out of my pocket!!!
I am loving my Weight Watchers experience and highly recommend it to anyone looking to lose weight!!


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