My Dollar Tree Finds!!!

So today I went to the Dollar Tree with the intention of getting my son Valentines day cards for his class. Well I do not know about all of you but I can not go to the dollar store without checking the makeup area. Sometimes they have some hidden treasures! Well today was no different!!

I only got 5 things so i only spent $5 but I wanted to share what I got!

Sally Hansen Moisture Twist 2-in-1 primer + color- Mixed up Mauve

This is a gorgeous mauve gloss! It smells like vanilla also! I have never tried a Sally Hansen lip gloss so I thought I would give it a shot because Hey its only a dollar!!







Maybelline Crystal Glitters shadow pencil- polar bear pink and bolt of blue

These were the only 2 colors they had but I think they will make a nice base. The glitter in the product is pretty subtle.




The last 2 items I got were:

Milani HD advanced lip color-Premiere Plum and Modern Mauve

These are a sheer gloss like formula in lipstick form that are buildable. They have the same delicious smell as the lipsticks do and they are twist ups.







I just wanted to share!! I love bargains!!


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