Weight Watchers Week 3 Weigh in!

Well another weigh in! 

Yet again I woke up this morning feeling nervous!

I knew I had to step on that scale!

I was reminded of my lack of exercise and all the snacks I had at the Superbowl party!

Even as all that haunted me I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

I stepped on the scale to see that I had only dropped .8 pounds. Not even a full pound!!

Boy was I disappointed!!

I had to remind myself that a loss of any kind is better then gaining! 

That helps me be more determined in this week coming! 

I entered my new weight into my WW app on my phone and it congratulated me for my loss then popped up saying I had been dropped down to 30 points. Each week that I have lost weight I have lost 1 point! Kind of sucks but that shows that I am making progress. This week I am going to push myself even harder to hit that first 10 pound loss. I am 1.9 pounds away from losing 10 pounds!! 
I can do it!!!


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