Current Favorites!!




It has been quite a while since I have done my favorites but here they are!!

  • Not Your Mothers Clean Freak Dry Shampoo~ I LOVE this stuff!! It works so well, smells good, and does not cost a fortune!!! Highly Recommend!!
  • Hard Candy Bronzer-Tiki~ This is marketed as a bronzer but I use it as a highlight. It gives the most gorgeous glow! 
  • Rimmel Kate Kiss of life Lipstick~ This is the most beautiful matte red lipstick! It is long lasting and smells delicious!!
  • Milani Uptown Mauve lipstick~ Gorgeous purply red color! It is very bright and vibrant and smells like heaven!!! Not matte but is very long lasting! It does stain your lips or what ever you swatch it on!
  • Bath and body works Merry Mango candle~ This candle smells amazing! It is the one I am currently burning and it makes my whole house smell amazing!!
  • ELF eyebrow kit~ I only use the tinted wax in this kit but it fills in my brows gorgeously!
  • Hard Candy Sheer Envy Illuminating Primer~ I do not see this doing much illuminating but it does the job! My makeup stays put all day with this stuff! I used it on Thanksgiving during the family football game and afterwards it looked like I had just put my makeup on! 
  • ELF Lip Exfoliator~ This thing looks funky but it is so convenient and does the same job any other lip scrub does! 
  • MAC Warm Soul blush~ This is the most gorgeous blush I own! I absolutely love it!
  • Healthy Sexy Hair Tri wheat leave in conditioner~ I got this in my Ipsy bag in January and I have used it after every single shower! My hair does not get greasy quick like it does with my regular conditioner! It makes my hair so easy to comb through and so soft!
  • Cargo eyeshadow palette~ These shadows are so creamy and pigmented and is so versatile!
  • Covergirl Clean Whipped Cream Foundation~ This is an item that I have a love hate relationship with but I wanted to include it. This gives a beautiful finish, it is buildable, easy to blend, and inexpensive. However, it fades quicker then I would like, my redness always shows through.
  • BH Cosmetics: Galaxy Chic, Take Me To Brazil, Eyes on the 60’s palettes~ These palettes are so pigmented, long wearing, and super inexpensive! Absolutely love them!!
  • Nicole ankle boots~ I got these boots at Ross for $15 and I love them!! They are so comfy and can be worn with just about anything!!!
  • OPI You Dont Know Jacque~ Beautiful brown, taupe color! Long wearing and wonderful formula!
  • My pedicure! For my birthday my mom took me out to get my toes done! The lady did this by hand!! If you all did not know I live in Washington so I had to support my Seahawks!!
  • Wet N wild balm stains~ Love these! Very creamy, very pigmented, and very easily stain!
  • Love Pearl Necklace~ This has to be one of the neatest gifts I have ever gotten!! It comes with a clam that has been sealed and preserved that you have to cut open. When you cut it open there is a pearl inside that you put in the pendant that is included. The color of the pearl means different things. Mine was white so it meant good health!!

Well those are some of my current favorites. If you want to see every one of my favorites you can watch my video!


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