So Fresh So Clean product review

So the other day I ran out of my usual E.L.F makeup wipes which I love! They do the job nicely and they are inexpensive!

So while I was out I had to stop at Grocery Outlet. For those of you that do not have one in your area it is a discount store that received the items because they did not sell well at a certain store or the box the stores got it in was damaged or something life that. So everything is discounted! They have groceries, toys, makeup, medicine, skin care, they have it all!

So while I was there I saw these really adorably packaged makeup remover wipes! And to be honest the main reason I got them was because the packaging was adorable and they were only $.99 for 25 wipes. 




This package claims:

” Easily removes all dirt, oil, and makeup. Deep Cleans, down to the pores, PH balanced. Hypoallergenic.”

Ok so I have tried them a few times. 

So now I will address their claims. Yes it removes makeup and dirt and oil. And Yes Hypoallergenic.

They do not have any kind of scent. 


I tried taking my makeup off with them today and it took me 4 wipes!! I can usually get away with using 1.

I had to scrub so hard that my face began to get irritated!!

It removes makeup but not gently at all! 

It would not take off my eyeliner and it was not even waterproof!!

For $.99 they will work if you need them!

But at that point you would be better off using a cleanser and water. 

Will not repurchase!!


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