‘Not Your Mothers’ Review

So I know most of my posts lately have been about my weight loss journey. So today I wanted to go back to what I normally do on here.

I wanted to review a product for you all.

Now I must say I am the last person in the world to jump on the dry shampoo train. For me if my hair was greasy it was going up in a pony tail. Since getting more interested in beauty I decided to buy the Not Your Mothers Dry Shampoo. Now to be honest the thing that first attracted me to this item was the name. I had not heard very many people talking about this item. I always heard about Batiste or Psst. Which I could not find anywhere!

So I got it and at first I was skeptical because my hair gets very greasy. Well a few days ago I was on 3 day hair. I am trying to get my hair healthy and I heard not washing it  will help restore the natural oils. And boy did I have some natural oils showing through! So I whipped out my dry shampoo.


I followed the directions on the bottle which pretty much said spray at your roots and brush through. Well I did that and within seconds the oil was gone!! My hair looked like it had just been washed! 

It lasted all day!! I did not see oils popping through until the next day!!

Now the only issue I had with this product is that it smells like Raid bug spray. Now that is not a nasty smell at all but if you have ever used raid that’s what you will think of! 

So all in all this is a fantastic product! Next on my list to try is their shampoo. Specifically the one that is supposed to help make your hair grow!



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