Another Weight Watchers evening!

Yet another successful day! Did not really have a lunch today which explains why I have 13 points left after dinner! Sometimes life just gets a little hectic and meals get missed!

I forgot to take a photo of my dinner but it was oven roasted turkey breast, white cheddar noodles, and corn. The whole meal totaled 5 points! Not quite sure what to do with my left over points! Maybe Ill get hungry later on and have a little before bed snack!! Sometimes it is kind of nice having the flexibility at night! I am a big midnight snack person so this way I do not have to stress about going over my points!!! 

So far I am loving Weight Watchers! Especially since I am seeing results on the scale! I can not wait until I start noticing changes to my body!!





Looking forward to week 12!!!!!!!



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