Weight watchers day 3 and 4 update

So this morning I realized I never updated you all on my day 3! So I thought I would combine it with day 4 since we just finished dinner!

So yesterday was another good day! Went on a long walk with the dog to get some exercise. It was a bit of a crazy day! I had to go over to a friends house to help get the final details together for a silent auction dinner we are putting on for a young man who just lost his wife and son. So among all the chaos of that we had dinner. It was rice and stew. I had about a quarter of a cup assuming that little amount wont put me over my points. Since I did not cook it I couldn’t track to the exact point but I did my best. 

Now for today, Day 4! 

Another great day! My workout today was another OnDemand choice. If you have cable through Comcast check out the OnDemand selections! There are tons of different kinds of workouts! It is nice to try a bunch of different things! So today I did kickboxing! In high school I had a class where we did kickboxing and I absolutely loved it! Now today I realized I was in MUCH better shape in high school then I am now! That 20 minute kickboxing blast workout kicked my butt!! My legs were burning, I was out of breath, and I was sweating up a storm! Man it felt good! I really have a good feeling about how this weight loss journey will go! I always start diet and exercise routines but never stick with them for very long! I think it helps knowing that I am paying every month to be with Weight Watchers so I better use it!!


tonight was the first night that I made and planned my own meal instead of picking on of the Weight Watchers Simple Start meals.  I love the Simple Start meals because it tells you the exact measurements and the exact points. It takes away the guess work of creating your own meals. Again I didn’t take a picture of tonight’s meal because it wasn’t anything super exciting but I still wanted to share!

Tonight I had a green salad that consisted of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and carrots covered in Italian dressing.  1 cup of salad with 1 TBS dressing (2 points for the dressing)

Chicken grilled on the George Foremen   3 OZ  (3 Points)

Whole Grain brown rice  1/4 cup (4 points)

And I put Soy Sauce on the rice. 

So in total my dinner was 9 points. Compared to the Simple Start meals that was right on track. 

I am still having issues using all my points but that has seemed to work out perfect because it allows me to have a little snack before bed. So tonight I have 9 points left over.  9 seems to be the norm for me. That 9 points allows me to have a 8 ounces of milk and an english muffin before bed. I don’t know what it is about English muffins but boy oh boy they are delicious! 

Anyways, I hope you all are enjoying your evening! I will be spending my evening catching up on some overdue blog posts!


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