January Ipsy

Well this month was the first one that i have not been 100% completely in love with! First off the bag is not my favorite and one of the products made the other products a little greasy! But still a pretty good bag none the less!




Items Included in this months bag:

Elizabeth Mott smooth shadow pencil in Penny  $14.99 (for a full size)

Nourish Organic face lotion  $21.99 (for full size)

Faith Aromatherapy Tahitian Monoi Anti-aging sugar scrub $19.99 (for full size)

Mica Beauty tinted lip balm in Natural $14.95

Sexy Hair Soy Tri-wheat leave in conditioner $17.95 for full size


So I swatched the Elizabeth Mott on my hand when I first got my bag and that swatch stayed on all day!! It is the most gorgeous color!

The Nourish face lotion I was not to fond on! I have tried their coconut and argan body lotion in a previous bag and absolutely loved it but the face lotion smelt very strange to me. I tried it today when I got out of the shower and although it is moisturizing I had a hard time getting past the strange smell and my face is still very greasy and it has been hours since I showered. 


The Mica beauty tinted lip balm is very pigmented!! I loved it!

And for the Sexy Hair I tried it today with the shampoo and it worked Ok. It says on the bottle that it works as a detangler as well as the leave in and I had a very hard time getting my comb through my hair with it. My hair is very soft with it though and it smells devine!!

If you are interested in signing up for Ipsy follow the link: http://www.ipsy.com/r/3diu

Its only $10/ month!!








4 thoughts on “January Ipsy

  1. You got a lot of cool products! I got completely different products than you! I hope to do my post soon! Check it out when I post it! I’ve heard good things about Mica Beauty! I also have that Leave in conditioner and I really like it. I spray it into my hands first then put it on my hair because when I sprayed it on my hair it kind of sprayed too much and then my floor was slippery after awhile!

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