My first beauty swap!

So on Facebook I am part of a group that is for girls that are subscribed to some kind of beauty subscription like Ipsy, glossybox, birchbox, etc. On there we also post things that we would like to trade that we may not have liked from one of our boxes. Many of the girls create Pinterest boards to make it easier to share what we want to trade. So recently a lady in one of the groups showed some interest in some lotion I had on my board for swaps. I just wanted to share with you some of the things I got in return for the swap. I was so excited to get them!!



Smashbox Photo finish primer.

I have never tried this before but have always wanted to and no better way to do it with a sample size!!




Sephora Nano eye pencil

I have never tried any of the Sephora eye pencils but this color is absolutely gorgeous!



Ulta Design A Line mini eye pencils



The dark blue swatch is the Sephora nano pencil.

There are a few colors that show up black on the swatch.

One of them is black.

One is black with silver sparkle.

One is grey.

One is brown.


I am so excited to try these out! The colors are gorgeous!!


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