2014 New Years Resolution!

I know its a tad late but I figure better late then never!

I always make resolutions but find it so hard to stick to them! This year I am going to do whatever it takes to stick to them! 

So I thought I would share and maybe sharing this with you all can hold me accountable for what I say I will do!

1: Lose weight and get healthy. I have always been a little chunky. Or so I thought. When i look back at pictures of me when I was younger I wish I looked the way I did back then when I thought I was fat! But I am not happy with my body and I will change that this year!

2: Make myself happy! I always do what I can to make other people happy generally putting myself and my own happiness on the back burner! I am done doing that. This year is my year! 

3: Pass all my remaining classes. I have been attending college online since April of 2010. My estimated completion date is November 10, 2014!!! I can not believe how time has flown by! I am so excited!!

4: Grow my Youtube audience. Right now I do not have very many subscribers but I hope that will change during 2014.

My channel <<<< click to open a new page to my channel!

If any of you have any tips for me on how to accomplish these goals feel free to comment below!!


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