Rimmel London Retro Glam



This retro glam look is something that needs to make its come back!! When it first looked at this photo I thought this would be hard. After I started and gathered all the materials it was simply perfect! This is definitely a look that does not work on everyone but it can be tweeked to look gorgeous on anyone! The materials I used to get this look include:

Rimmel London Retro Glam Mascara (thank you Influenster for sending me this product to test!)

Rimmel London Glam eyes liquid liner

White eyeshadow

nude lip gloss


I started out by applying my foundation and concealer like normal.

I then primed my lid with a skin tone primer

I then applied the white shadow to the lower part of my lid

Next I lined my top lash line with the liquid liner. A little thicker then normal

I lined the bottom lash line with the liquid liner (you could also use a regular kohl liner)

This next part took me a few tries to perfect but I lined a little bit below my crease and winged it out. 

I then went from my lower lash line and connected to the winged out part.

Take your time with this part! Its tough to get both eyes looking the same!

I finished it off with a nude lip gloss.

I think if you wanted to add a little twist to this look you could go with a red lip.

Oh almost forgot! In this look this eyebrows are a little thicker so I did fill in my brows to get the full effect. 


I hope this helped you guys out!! I wish this was a look I could pull off everyday but I cant!


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