Big Sexy Hair Review

Big Sexy Hair Review

So in my October Ipsy bag I received a 1.7 fl oz bottle of the Big Sexy Hair Blow dry volumizing gel so I thought I would share my thoughts with you all!
I used this product as instructed which was applying to the roots of your damp hair and blow dry. So while I washed my face and did all my moisturizing I had my hair up in a twist to let it towel dry a bit. About 20 minutes later I took my hair down and applied the gel. It took about a nickel sized amount to do the job. I then blow dried my hair.
When I was done blow drying OH MY GOODNESS!!!
This stuff works wonderfully!
Now usually any type of product I put in my hair leaves a residue or makes it feel greasy which I hate!!!
With this product you can feel a bit of texture in your hair but nothing too heavy or greasy and boy oh boy do I have some volume!!
Now blow drying my hair is not something I do very often so this bottle will seriously last me months! If I did blow dry my hair regularly I would definitely invest in a full size bottle.
The size I got in my Ipsy bag retails for $5.00 which I think is a good price for something that works so well!
The full size is $15.00 which in my opinion is still pretty good considering a little bit of this wonder gel goes a long way!

So if you need a little lift and do not get Ipsy I would highly recommend investing in this bad boy!!!
I hope this helped!!


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