I know random title but this is an app I wanted to tell you all about! Yes it is called Bee Stripe. This is an app where you collect coins for downloading apps and doing a survey about them. Then once you reach a certain amount of coins you get gift cards. For example, 

12,000 coins gets you a $5 startbucks card

14,000 coins gets you 5 movie rentals from redbox

24,000 gets you a $10 Amazon gift card

all the way up to 

325,000 coins getting you $100 to spend at Coach! 

There are many options not just the ones I listed. Yes for some it takes a while to get that many coins. Like it took me 2 months to get up the 24,000 coins for the Amazon gift card but hey its something to do in your free time. I cashed in my coins about 2 weeks ago and got an email yesterday with my ecard for Amazon. 

My order is on its way!!!

The amount of coins you get for each app ranges between 200 and 1000 that I have seen so far. All you do is download the app and play it for a bit then do a survey that just asks if you would play it again, what you recommend to make it fun, and if you would tell a friend about it!

I love it!! So if your bored and wanna get gift cards super easy check it out!! Its Legit!!!!


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