Super Mom Tag!

super mom tag:

1.How many kids? I have one kid

Age? he is 4 years old

2.Do you feel like you have it all together everyday?cleaning, makeup, laundry etc.  Not even a little bit! It feels like I am constantly cleaning and doing laundry. Very rarely do I have the time to sit down and do my makeup.

3.when do you shower? day or night? Night

4. do you wear makeup everyday? No

5. do you style your hair everyday or pony tail it? Most of the time it is down or in a pony tail

6. when do you find time to do your hair and makeup when the kids are awake or asleep? asleep

7. do you workout and when? no but i should. I have tried to stick to many workouts and diets but its hard. 

8. what is your household cleaning routine? do you clean everyday? I usually try and get the laundry done during the weekend that way we have clean clothes for the work and school week. I have tried having a schedule for cleaning but It is very hard to stick to and I usually just do things as they need to be done. 

9. do you ever get overwhelmed with all the responsibilities as a mom? No. Sometimes I need a break but other then that its not so bad

10. how often do you have alone/ me time and how do you relax? Usually daily when my son is at school and my honey is at work. 


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