Milani High Speed Fast dry nail polish









This product was something that I actually won in a contest from Milani! I am very grateful to have won, hardly ever do I win contests. Since this was a product I have never tried before I thought I would write a review. 

Just by reading the bottle this product states it is a one coat formula as well as the ability to dry in 60 seconds. So since I already had my nails done I painted my grandmothers nails. The promise for one coat was totally true. The polish was very opaque and easy to apply. Now the 2 colors I received were Rapid Cherry and Rapid Orchid. The rapid cherry was the one I applied to my grandma and it was a gorgeous red color. The rapid orchid was sampled on one of her nails and was very very dark, almost black! But anyways…. applied amazingly in one coat and i would have to agree with their 60 second dry time. I did not time it to see if it was exact but it dried fast and was not tacky! So my grandma went home and the next day I asked her about how her polish was holding it. She said she did not have any chipping or flaking but she did experience color bleeding. The next day when she washed her hands she dried them on a white towel and the color appeared on the towel! Now this issue may be avoided if a top coat is applied because we did not do that. But we just wanted to share our experience. Other then that one issue I think this is an amazing product!

I hope this was helpful!


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