Man oh man! Life is a crazy thing! One moment your feeling on top of the world and the next it feels like your on the ground with a line of people waiting to kick ya! Usually Friday the 13th is one of my good, lucky days but this year it was horrendous! Wednesday I was driving home from visiting my grandma in the hospital when my car began to over heat! I pulled over and waited for it to cool off to add fluids. After adding fluids I pulled back out onto the freeway and my car just died! So i coast off the freeway call someone for help and leave the car to go home and make towing arrangements. At 9 pm mind you! The next morning my towing arrangements go to get my car. I get a phone call telling me my car was gone. After making a few calls I find out it had been impounded. It cost me $271 to get it out!!! Thank god my parents were able to help me!!!! Now I am on the hunt for a working vehicle! Man is that hard sometimes!!! 

Its strange how life works! I am very glad to have people in my life that are always there to help me when i need it!! 


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