Meet my fur babies!!

Meet my fur babies!!

Top left: Charlie
Top Right: Toxsan
Middle left: Henry
Bottom left: Milly
Bottom right: Cabela

Charlie is about 2 years old. One day I went to my moms house and he jumped into my car and my son fell in love with him!
Toxsan is 12 years old and I have had her since the day she was born she is my #1!
Henry is about 3 years old. We got him as a companion for one of our other cats that ended up running away. He is a major cuddler!
Milly is about 4 months old we have had her for about a month now and she is so adorable! A little spit fire! Henry hates her though 😦
Cabela is about 3 years old. Yes she was named after the sporting goods store. She was actually gotten to be a bird hunting dog but just our luck she is gun shy. But thats ok she is now just one of our super lazy super gassy friends!

I love my fur babies! My house would be so lonely if we didn’t have our furry friends!


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