Take a step back!

Do you ever find your self taking a step back and wonder how your life got to the point it is at?

So many things happen each and every day and we see it as completely normal. We often wonder why we have the life we have. We look at the struggle we face in our day to day life  But do we ever take a minute to step back and look at our accomplishments and things we have to be proud of and grateful for? I know that I don’t as often as I should. So I am taking a moment to share my accomplishments and things I am grateful for with all of you:

  • I have a wonderful family who is there for me no matter what
  • I have some true friends that I can count on for anything and everything
  • I graduated high school
  • I am blessed with a man that loves me unconditionally and I him who has been there for me through thick and thin for over 4 years now
  • I have a healthy 4 year old little boy
  • I am making my way through college successfully
  • I owned my home outright at the age of 20
  • I live in a country where I am free to be whatever I want to be!
  • And I am healthy and thriving!

What more can a person ask for! 

So when you are down on yourself and get depressed take a few moments to appreciate the things we have in life. There are people out there that are way worse off, so appreciate what you have while you can!


Its not the breaths you take in life its the moments that take your breath away!



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