Items every mom needs in her medicine cabinet!

Items every mom needs in her medicine cabinet!

1: Baby Simply Saline. For those congested and clogged noses. They wont like it but it works!
2:Hylands homeopathic teething tablets. Put a few under the tongue to dissolve and they work almost instantly!
3: Hylands homeopathic earache drops! Love these work almost instantly!
3: Crest kids toothpaste with cavity protection. My son loves this stuff! Its safe for them to swallow and it really does the job!
4: Baby Orajel. So much stronger then the regurlar orajel and is a life saver when they are teething!
5: Coppertone water babies sunscreen spf 100. This is a life saver! No sun burns for our little ones!
6: Vicks baby vapor rub! Wonderful for those nights where they are congested. Works wonders!
7: Lil critters gummy vites. Great for those picky children that wont eat the Flintstones ones (my son)
only issue is they think they are candy and want more!
8: Gerber grins and giggles baby lotion Lavender. So soothing and moisturizing and the lavender scent helps soothe them to sleep!

I hope this helped! I know I wish I had this list when I was starting out! These have been my life savers along the way! Feel free to share any of yours!


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