Carpal Tunnel

For those of you who do not know carpal tunnel is numbness and tingling in the hand and arm caused by a pinched nerve in the wrist (according to google).

For me the numbness and tingling was accompanied by sharp shooting pain or aching. This started for me about 3 years ago. My hands would go numb doing simple things like driving, writing, or just using my phone. I put off getting it checked out for a long time, until it got to the point where my dads insurance would be running out so I needed to get it taken care of.

I started by visiting my primary care provider where I went over my symptoms he did some squeezing, pushing and bending on my hands. He prescribed me an anti-inflammatory for 2 weeks and scheduled me a follow up appointment at the end of the 2 weeks. Nothing had changed so he prescribed me Prednisone for 2 weeks and sent out a referral to physical medicine. I had my appointment at physical medicine where they conducted a nerve conduction test. This test consisted of electrical currents being sent through my arm. This was a relatively painless process, more irritating then anything until she got to the needle. She stuck 2 needles in my hand, on into the webbing between your thumb and pointer and the other into the fatty part by your thumb! After inserting them she wiggled them around with the same electrical currents now that was painful!

She was able to confirm that it was carpal tunnel and tendonitis. She said she could do cortisone injections which would be a temporary fix or recommend me for surgery. I asked for the surgeon. So she sent out the referral for an orthopedic surgeon and on occupational therapist for the tendonitis. In my mind there was no point in doing the OT because I would soon be having surgery and I would not be able to tell the difference between the Tendonitis pain or the carpal tunnel pain.

I went and visited the surgeon where he explained that they would make a small incision on the palm of my hand and cut the ligament that goes across. He said there is a chance of it growing back together later on but it typically grows back with an arch in it which would prevent the symptoms from returning.

Before leaving that appointment I had scheduled for both of my hands to be treated. I wanted to do my dominant hand (right) first and get it out of the way. SO July 28th I had my right done and August 18th I had my left done.

Surgery only took about 10 minutes. They put an IV in both hands. They explained that one was to put fluids in and the other was to numb the hand they were working on. From what I was told it only took me about 20 minutes to wake up after the surgery and I was able to walk right out. My hand remained numb for the rest of the day. Both times I woke up around 2 am from the pain. The numbing meds had worn off. 14 days after each surgery stitches were removed which is always nice because they can not get wet while they are in.

My right hand which was done first has not experienced any pins and needles since done. On rare occasions through out my day to day tasks I experience slight pain which the doctor has said to be normal since it is still healing internally.

I will be getting my stitches out for my left hand on the 30th of this month and then on to the home stretch.

I will include some photos for anyone to get an idea of how it looks. I must warn anyone having this done that each surgery seems to be different. I am part of a Facebook page called I survived carpal tunnel surgery where ladies post about their procedures. Some ladies are wrapped up like they are boxers where I had one piece of gauze wrapped on it. Some ladies were cut across their wrist and down their palm where I had a one inch cut on my palm. Some ladies talk about how things have not changed while others say it was the best thing they ever had done. Keep that in mind.

Pic one:Yesterday right hand

Middle: Day the stitches were taken out. right hand

last: 21 days after surgery.

If you have any questions feel free to ask!


Where have I been?!

I know, I know it has been ages since I have posted on here so I thought it was time for an update.

I am still working on my Masters degree which I will be done with in November! I will be attending the graduation ceremony in San Diego in October!

I have been off work during the summer since I am a teacher at my local Head Start so in July I had Carpal Tunnel Release surgery on my right hand and in mid August had the same procedure done on my left hand so that has kept me down for a few weeks. I will go into further detail about the procedure and the whole process in another post.

I am now preparing to return to work and get my son returning to school. He is going into second grade so we did all the school shopping and he also started soccer so had to do all the preparation for that.

Our summer was meant to be eventful and fun but the only thing we got to do was attend 2 weddings and plan a camping trip that we ended up canceling because of the burn ban. Camping is not much fun if you cant have a bonfire!  I spent most of my summer lounging around with my hands elevated, I deep cleaned the entire house before the surgeries, and now I am just skating by dreading the return of the school year!

I am hoping to be a lot more active on here posting 1-2 times a week, maybe more if inspiration hits suddenly!

Look out for my next post which will talk about my carpal tunnel, how it was diagnosed and how it was taken care of.

2015 goals

Every year I make these New Years resoltions and never stick to them ending the year disappointed with myself wishing I was stronger!! So this year I have tried something different. I have a few large goals that require lifestyle changes that I am hoping to accomplish but I have added a few goals that are smaller and easier to accomplish so I wanted to share.

Eat right
Exercise regularly
Wear makeup atleast 3 days a week
Set up the guest room
Eat every meal at the dining table
Get the roof fixed
Get an insert for the fireplace
Save money
Maintain a clean home

I know some of these may seem strange but they are things I want to have happen in the new year.

What are some of your goals? Are you able to stick to your resolutions?

Younique 3D Fiber Mascara Review

These days you can not pull up any kind of social media with out seeing something about this magical mascara so of course I had to give in and see what all the hype was about. Just to give you a little background my eyelashes are already crazy long and just by adding one coat of regular mascara my lashes scrape the lens of my glasses.

My mom has been wanting this of so long so I got it for her for her birthday and of course suckered her into letting me try it out. She tried it first and it looked gorgeous on her short, sparse lashes and was hoping I would get the same results.

So it came my time to try it out.

First things first you have to apply a layer of regular mascara so right there you have to spend 3+ dollars for a regular mascara to compliment this $30 magical tube. But I shall continue.

After applying my regular mascara I moved on to the transplanting gel. Things were going good. I then went to the fibers. It started off well until a ball of fibers got into my eye!! Oh my goodness did it burn!!! So I figured I would just blink like crazy until it worked its way out which took way long then necessary. But I continue. I did 2 layers of this miracle mascara.

As I look in the mirror the first thing I think of is tree branches on my eyelids!! And they were so heavy that it was a work out to blink!

So all in all if you enjoy long spidery lashes with the chance of fuzz in your eye and having to spend $30 to get it this is for you!! For those of you that want gorgeous full voluminous lashes I would recommend something else.

I totally spaced taking pictures but I will endure this again for blogs sake!!

Where have I been?!!?

Boy oh boy it sure has been a while since I sat down to add to my blog. Where have I been you may or may not have asked. Well where to begin. Well first off I am a senior in college with 2 weeks left until I am done with my 4 year degree. I also just got a full time teaching job so that sure has kept me busy and then my son started Kindergarten. Now some of this may not seem like a good reason to be absent like I have and while I agree I will paint you a picture of my day. 5 am alarm clock goes off. I make my hubby some coffee and get his lunch ready for work. After that is done I get my son out of bed, showered, fed, and dressed for school. After he is all ready I get my self showered, dressed and fed for work. At about 8 am we leave. I drop him off at school around 815 am and then I am off to work. I get to work at about 820 and I begin my prep work which usually consists of getting supplies ready for class, setting out chairs, checking emails, and filling out paperwork. At about 9 am children begin to show up. From 9-3 we have class. When class gets out at 3 we clean the classroom and prep for the next day. At 430 I head to pick up my son from the babysitter, then head to the store to get something for dinner. After I get home I cook dinner then eat. Depending on the day of the week I either do homework or clean. By the time I am done with all of that I am exhausted and ready for bed!

Now if all of this was not enough I just got done signing my son up for wrestling! Now that I think about it I am a complete nutcase! What kind of person with that daily schedule adds something else!!?? Now every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6-730 there will be wrestling practice!! AHHHH!!

Now I like to be busy but what I do not like is not being able to keep my house clean which I am finding to be rather difficult!! I need a nanny/maid!!!

Face of the day!



Hello all! I know it has been a while since I shared anything with you but I thought I would share my makeup for the day. Tonight I am having a meeting at my sons Head Start to meet his principal for Kindergarten and learn about what his days will look like!

So on my face I have:

Foundation: Covergirl Outlast 3-in-1 in buff beige

Blemish concealer: Benefit Boing concealer in 02

Under eye concealer: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in light

Setting Powder: Rimmel Stay Matte in translucent

Bronzer: Physicians Formula Bronze Gems

Highlight: Hard Candy Bronzer in Tiki

Blush: Benefit Rockateur

Eyebrows: ELF eyebrow kit in medium and ELF clear mascara

Eyes: Naked Basics: Venus all over lid, Naked 2 in crease, Faint and Crave in outer V

         Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Lucky, NYX eye pencil in black on tightline

Mascara: Its So BIG mascara with Rimmel scandaleyes flex on top

Lips: EOS lip balm, Milani lipstick in Nude Creme topped with a little bit of Rimmel Showoff lip lacquer in Celestial


I hope you all enjoyed!

If you have any tips or pointers for me I would love to hear them!

Tone body wash



Tone Body wash was sent to me from to test out and review. I have been using this product for a few weeks now and I must say that I am in love with it. I am very picky about what body wash I use! I need one that lathers well, smells good, and leaves my skin soft! This stuff does it! I had never heard of the brand before so I did not think I was going to like it but it is definitely one I would purchase! I am glad that bzzagent introduced me to this wonderful product!